Sep 25 2014

Coming Soon: Unbxd’s Recommendations Magento Extension

Anjali Sharma

Content Writer

A little while ago, we launched our Shopify Recommendations App, which has seen more than 250 installs to date. Our Shopify customers seem incredibly satisfied with our product, and we see increased signs ups every day. So, riding high on the app's popularity, this time, we've decided to launch a Recommendations extension for Magento. 

There's already a buzz surrounding the extension, and we've seen quite a bit of interest shown by many Magento-based sites. Here are a few ways our Magento extension can enhance the shopping experience of your visitors and improve your Magento site sales:

Real-time Personalization

As more and more consumers look towards eCommerce sites to meet their daily shopping requirements, it has become imperative for websites to replicate the one-to-one user experience of a physical retail outlet. No longer is the average online shopper satisfied with simple, seemingly personalized welcome messages but wants to be recognized throughout their purchase journey.

According to Mckinsey Research, 70% of buying experiences are determined by how the customer feels. Another study by Invesp Consulting suggests that 45% of online shoppers prefer sites that offer personalized recommendations.

Unbxd delivers personalized recommendations that provide an engaging on-site shopping experience. In addition, we offer ten personalized widgets that update in real-time and provide relevant recommendations on every page.

Comprehensive Features

Having seen many of our Magento-based clients switch from Magento's default recommendations to our product, we've noticed quite a few ways in which Unbxd's recommendations are much superior.

Magento offers only three recommendation widgets – upsell, cross-sell, and related products. 

Unbxd offers ten recommendation widgets such as recommended for you, recently viewed, bought also, bought, etc. These widgets are personalized and location-based to deliver a tailored shopping experience.

Magento's recommendations lack personalization. With Unbxd's personalized recommendations, our customers have seen up to a 50% increase in conversions.

Unbxd offers completely automated recommendations as opposed to Magento, where your merchandisers must manually select up-selling and cross-selling products.

Magento's default merchandising recommendations are limited. Unbxd's intuitive dashboard lets you merchandise your widgets as you see fit. You can specify the number of products to show, enable/disable location-based recommendations, set a price range, and much more.

Magento offers no recommendation-specific analytics and reporting. On the other hand, with Unbxd's powerful dashboard, you can get in-depth insights into all your recommendation widgets. In addition, the reporting section contains multi-dimensional reports which allow you to slice data based on several dimensions like category, brands, locations, etc.

Unbxd lets you change the look and feel of your widgets without needing technical knowledge. Magento doesn't provide any feature to change the layout of their widgets.

Ease of Integration

With a quick 3-step process, we offer a simple and painless integration. All you need to do is install the free extension, change your Magento admin settings, and add a few Java script snippets.

The personalized recommendations Unbxd offers for Magento websites

An Accenture report found that price is not the main reason for customer churn, but the quality of the customers' experience is. So, it should be no surprise that the best-performing eCommerce sites offer the best customer experience. And the best way to do that is to provide them with a personalized experience.

With Unbxd's recommendations, many sites like yours have seen

  • A staggering increase of 50% in conversions and a 10-25% increase in average order values.
  • 10-30% reduction in bounce rates and abandoned carts.
  • 25% increase in repeat customers
  • A significant increase in overall revenues due to all the above

Overall, the launch of Unbxd's Recommendations extension for Magento has been met with excitement and interest from the eCommerce community. The extension offers a range of comprehensive features and real-time personalization that can significantly enhance the shopping experience for visitors and improve sales for Magento-based websites. With its easy integration process and proven success in increasing conversions, average order values, repeat customers, and overall revenues, Unbxd's Recommendations extension is a valuable tool for any online store looking to improve its customer experience and boost its business. Book a demo and discover the Recommendations Console of Unbxd.

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