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Marketing Insights from Top Search Keywords – Part 1

Before I went into the details of extracting insights, I wanted to talk about how this data must be extracted in order to get an accurate report. This is because product managers need to be careful about the source of the search queries, i.e. SEO/SEM also known as external campaign referrals versus visitor initiated search queries or internal searches. Before looking at the insights, you should first structure this data into two segments as shown in the table below:   Once you’ve figured out the segmentation between searches by visitors…

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Building your e-commerce merchandising toolkit part – 2

In the previous post we looked into some basic merchandising scenarios that you’d need to build your merchandising tools. In this post we’ll increase the complexity of the requirements slightly. Lets dive in! Displaying products sorted on lowest to highest price This requirement is simple to accomplish on category landing pages or store home pages where all your merchandising tool needs to do is to extract the products from the database and present them in a sorted order. The real challenge lies in performing this arrangement for search results. In…

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Why you need behavioral targeting in e-commerce search

Site search engines in the e-commerce world have a tendency to operate in isolation. They receive a query and return results. This works well till the site reaches a couple of thresholds. These are: when you cannot improve the accuracy or quality of search results anymore through rule changes. when the human effort required to manage promotions and merchandizing is enormous. when buzz around certain products is so high and variable from day to day and week to week, that by the time business rules change, the popularity has ebbed…

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