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How to Leverage Entity Extraction to Make Your Ecommerce Search Engine More Intelligent

Online Shopping and Global ecommerce In 2017, US ecommerce revenue was $447B , or 36% of total retail revenue. That means that Americans buy at least one in every three items online. And the most common way most shoppers try to find what they’re looking for, not surprisingly, is search. Are ecommerce search engines doing the best that they can? However, even the top 50 grossing US ecommerce websites don’t do a great job supporting some common types of search queries, resulting in irrelevant products or zero results. For example, when…

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Site Search and Product Lifecycle Management

A long time ago while sitting with then Lands’ End CEO Edgar Huber I remember him saying something that stuck with me till this day, ”Joel, you can make the best website in the world, but if the product is no good it won’t matter”.  It was a magical phrase that made me look at how I envisioned my websites, and especially with apparel, completely differently.  Undoubtedly, as an e-commerce and digital marketing leader with a heritage steeped in User Experience and implementing Site Search systems it was and is…

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