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PIM Product Information Management (PIM) 

Managing Your Product Catalog With Unbxd PIM

When brands have huge product catalogs, product teams have to deal with enormous volumes of product data. When product data is maintained in spreadsheets or documents, manually correcting and/or updating huge volumes of data requires a lot of work. Several aspects of editing and updating product data tend to be repetitive, especially because several products in a catalog share quite a few common attributes. But when brands and ecommerce companies rely on legacy systems like spreadsheets, documents, and other content management tools, product teams are forced to make edits and…

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Unbxd PIM: Solving the collaboration challenge

Each task involved in managing product data is handled by a product team member with a particular skill set, and roles are defined accordingly. For example, a content writer drafts the product description and a designer would need to update product images. If the product team works with a freelance photographer, he/she provides the product images. Managing roles for team members, creating and assigning tasks are essential functions of product data management. Also, as we saw with imports, collaborating with external ¬†stakeholders creates additional challenges for role and task management,…

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