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Broken Site Search? Quick ways to fix it!

Did you know that 8 out of 10 Americans shop online? About 79% of U.S. shoppers find what they want and order them via the Internet. And still, 42% of companies completely ignore the on-site search. Looking at the stats, we realize how deeply we are engaged with online shopping and how some companies still don’t prioritize fixing a broken search system.  Let’s consider the upcoming holiday season.  This is the time of the year when merchandisers, both online and offline, ready their holiday catalogs for shoppers to splurge. But…

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7 signs of a broken Site Search

My mind sort of works like a search engine. You ask me something, and I start seeing pictures. – Temple Grandin True story! Today the internet has become the final frontier in our search for almost anything we want.  A previous post spoke about how you can measure the effectiveness of your eCommerce search engine. But how do you know what you are measuring is accurate if your search is already broken in the first place? Search engines have become powerful weapons of information. Evolving and driving our need for…

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eCommerce Search: The holy grail of internet happiness

54 million That’s the number of search queries Google will serve in the time it will take you to read this article. That’s about 88,700 searches per second worldwide. And we aren’t even considering the hits from half a dozen other search engines millions of people use.  With the sheer volume of content being created, search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing continually index tens of billions of websites every day, so that internet users like you and I can find the most relevant content when we need it. What’s…

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The Many Hats of Search

Our one-stop destination for anything that we desire to know is the “Google” search bar. Isn’t it? The easy-breezy search bar looks simpler but what lies inside is a complex algorithm giving you results in a mere 0.23 seconds. Google’s search page is tagged as the one landing page for getting answers to user queries, gathering information, or maybe looking for another website. We trust Google’s search results because: -the time taken to display the results is extremely fast  -the results are highly optimized -it indexes the websites to show…

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What 2 Billion eCommerce Interactions Reveal About Mobile Product Discovery

61% of the 2.4 billion smartphone users on the planet reach for their mobile phones within five minutes of waking up.  Our latest report on mobile product discovery — based on 2 billion eCommerce interactions on our platform — revealed some interesting insights on how technology has impacted shopper purchasing behaviour on mobile. Here’s our take on what the data showed us. Fashion Already Winning on Mobile In early 2016, uber-luxury brand Burberry announced that more than half their eCommerce purchases happened on mobile. In fact, over the last five…

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Introducing: Unbxd Intelligent Storefront

Customer delight is our number one priority at Unbxd. Every new feature or product enhancement is designed keeping in mind one simple principle- what would help our customers achieve their business goals. After numerous customer interviews and countless discussions, we are excited to announce the launch of our latest product – Intelligent Storefront. Unbxd Intelligent Storefront uses machine learning algorithms to individually personalize the browsing experience of shoppers on your site based on several signals like purchase history, product preferences, and current online behavior. Since 70% of online shoppers discover…

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8 Poor Navigation Techniques That Can Kill Your Ecommerce Site

Site navigation is an essential element for great product discovery and an easy browsing experience. A simple navigation structure can significantly enhance a visitor’s on site  experience. Getting navigation right though, is a tough challenge. In this post, I’ve highlighted some examples of poor navigational practices and analysed why these particular elements don’t work. These navigation practices should be avoided or improved upon in order to get your site’s navigation right and ensure maximum customer satisfaction on your site. 1. Menu Structure  Etsy, a popular ecommerce website, has a horizontal menu…

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11 Brilliant Ways to Generate More Conversions For Your Ecommerce Site

Ecommerce is increasing at an aggressive pace and many entrepreneurs who are in this niche are looking at ways to innovate in order to generate more conversions. The customer experience is paramount to ensure successful ecommerce performance and of course, conversions. As an online store, there are several things that you can do to improve your conversions and increase profits. In this post I’ve discussed 11 essential areas you need to concentrate on, to ensure a better customer shopping experience and guarantee higher conversions. Site Search On-Site Search is a…

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10 Essential Ways to Maximize Site Search Results

With such a large selection of products available on numerous ecommerce websites, the primary concern for many of these sites is product discovery. A visitor must be able to find the right product quickly and make a purchase effortlessly. To this end, the Search box is a powerful site feature critical to the shopper’s experience. A clear and well-positioned search box greatly improves findability/navigability and can dramatically increase overall conversions. “Mahmood Ahmad of FindWise, a site-search consulting firm, estimated that the number of visitors using site search was really about…

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Ecommerce Navigation Navigation 

9 Excellent Examples of Ecommerce Navigation Techniques

An Ecommerce site’s navigation is one of the key components that contribute to it’s bottom-line. Navigation, if well done, can make a large contribution not only to a visitor’s shopping experience but also to the site’s conversions. To get it right though, is a herculean task. Some of the biggest online retailers still make some crucial mistakes while designing their navigation (that’s the subject for another post 🙂 ). There are dozens of techniques and best practices to improve navigation and new techniques are constantly being tried and tested. In…

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