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The Many Hats of Search

Our one stop destination for any thing that we desire to know is the “Google” search bar. Isn’t it? The easy breezy search bar looks simpler but what lies inside is a complex algorithm giving you results in a mere 0.23 seconds. Google’s search page is tagged as the one landing page for getting answers to user queries, gathering information, or may be looking for another website. We trust Google’s search results because: -the time taken to display the results is extremely fast  -the results are highly optimised -it indexes…

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Unbxd launches Ranking Insights for Search and Browse

Online merchandising tools can help make life easier for merchandisers and marketers. They simplify boost and bury campaigns creation, enable pinning and slotting, and display product ranking for search queries and pages. However, the data behind why products rank the way they do hasn’t been readily available — until now. We’re excited to announce the availability of this data in Ranking Insights. What is Ranking Insights? Ranking Insights is an enhancement to the merchandising functionality of Unbxd Search and Unbxd Browse. Ranking Insights provides data behind the product ranking for…

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5 Keys to Unlock the Best Site Search Experience for B2B Buyers

“They’re [B2B buyers] often the people given lists from other departments and employees about what they need, and it’s their job to place the order,” – Harley Thomas, senior director of corporate and digital marketing at ibSupply. B2B ecommerce is rapidly moving towards “consumerization.” B2B buyers are increasingly using Amazon and Google in their personal capacity, and this heavily influences their expectations when they visit B2B sites for official procurement. B2B ecommerce retailers must adapt their user experience to meet these changing buyer expectations. To achieve this, B2B e-tailers could…

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Customer Spotlight: The Kewl Shop

At Unbxd, we’ve been fortunate to work with some of the most innovative companies and help them overcome their business challenges with our personalized solutions. This edition of our Customer Spotlight series highlights, an online store that offers trendy women’s fashion apparels. The Kewl Shop started in 2013 and has quickly grown to become one of the top 150K websites in the world. It is founded by Charles and his business partner Sasi with an objective to provide quality women’s clothes at value for money prices. Charles, the founder…

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Holiday Season Protip – Landing Pages For Key Visitor Segments

Last week we spoke about creating curated landing pages for the holiday season. While creating a themed landing page is a step in the right direction, it’s not enough. Today, I want to share a way to make sure your curated landing pages convert holiday window shoppers into customers. A simple, no frills way to strengthen the purchase intent in your visitors and help you make the most of the holiday rush. So what is it? Create relevant landing pages for your top visitor segments Segmentation offers a way to…

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E-Grocers – Did You Know You Could Make Your Customers Convert In 1 Click?

Last week, I wrote about how online grocery retailers can implement the option to search by shopping list and help their customers save time. Now, why is time on site such a critical factor for e-grocers? Well, think about it, customers buying their groceries online are obviously technologically savvy and prefer to save time by shopping online. Now as an E-grocer, isn’t it your responsibility to cultivate an experience that helps your customers shop faster and more accurately? Make Your Customers Convert In Just 1 Click I came across an…

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Online Merchandizing 101 – Create Curated Landing Pages For The Holiday Season

With the holiday season fast approaching, it’s time for ecommerce sites to focus on holiday profits. According to Statista “ In 2013, retail e-commerce sales during November and December amounted to 46.55 billion US dollars during holiday season, up from 42.29 billion US dollars in 2012.” And this year, the number is only going to rise higher. More people are planning to shop online this holiday season instead of heading to crowded stores. So, is your ecommerce site prepared for the big holiday rush? What is the one thing you…

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Is Shopify Related Products Enough for Your Ecommerce Site?

As a Shopify store owner, you may be using Shopify’s related products solution to show product recommendations to your visitors. Having seen a lot of clients converting over from Shopify’s related products to our Recommendations app, we’ve seen a few common complaints about how Shopify’s related products isn’t enough to maximize conversions and offer a superior, professional experience to online shoppers. In this post, I’m going to dig into how Shopify shows recommendations, why that may not be enough for your site, and how you can improve your product recommendations…

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Analytics Merchandising Personalization Product Recommendations 

[Presentation] 5 Ways an Online Recommendation Engine can Increase Sales

In the fast moving ecommerce world, it has become a challenge for site owners to stay ahead of the competition. It’s important that they continue to innovate and offer great shopping experience to customers. While there are a host of things that affect customer satisfaction and conversions, I’ve particularly made a presentation on how a recommendation engine can help attract customers and increase sales. Product recommendations are an effective way to enhance product discovery and show highly relevant items to your visitors. We at Unbxd, have built a recommendation engine…

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6 Common Product Recommendation Mistakes You Should Avoid

Product recommendations are an effective way to enhance average cart size and maximize  revenue per customer. Big players like Amazon attribute almost as much as 35% of their conversions through product recommendations. However, for relatively new players it may not always be easy to recommend products effectively. Although automated recommendation engines have made it possible to show personalized recommendations to visitors, optimizing its functionality still remains a challenge. Merchandizers make some common mistakes while recommending products and simple corrective measures such as analyzing performance, A/B testing etc can bring about…

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