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How Unbxd Autocorrect offers 90% accuracy level

– Part 2 of Autocorrect Series    In a previous article, we discussed how a typical autocorrect solution is only 60% accurate and how this low level of accuracy could lead to $3M in lost revenue. Unbxd Autocorrect, on the other hand, offers a 90% accuracy level. This 30% increase in the accuracy level could turn the lost revenue into a relevant shopper experience and high-margin profit. In this follow-up article, let us discuss the technical details of how we built the Unbxd Ecommerce Site Search Autocorrect to provide 90%…

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5 Keys to Unlock the Best Site Search Experience for B2B Buyers

“They’re [B2B buyers] often the people given lists from other departments and employees about what they need, and it’s their job to place the order,” – Harley Thomas, senior director of corporate and digital marketing at ibSupply. B2B ecommerce is rapidly moving towards “consumerization.” B2B buyers are increasingly using Amazon and Google in their personal capacity, and this heavily influences their expectations when they visit B2B sites for official procurement. B2B ecommerce retailers must adapt their user experience to meet these changing buyer expectations. To achieve this, B2B e-tailers could…

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A Definitive Guide to Ecommerce Search UX

Part 1: The Essential Components of a Great Site Search Experience “Lead them to what they seek.” Shoppers interact with your site in three ways: They search, browse, or use onsite recommendations.   Of the above three paths, shoppers who use site search are highly intent driven, meaning they know what they are looking for. They also have the highest potential for conversion. Many shoppers start their search for products on Google and then navigate to an ecommerce site. But this behavior is beginning to change. Shoppers are increasingly using…

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Is your search spellcheck costing you $3M in lost revenue?

According to a 2016 WebLinc report, over 30% of online shoppers use the search feature on e-commerce sites. The report also suggests that shoppers who used the site search showed a 216% increase in conversion rate and a 21% increase in average order value. But often, businesses are not able to convert these shoppers with high intent to purchase, owing to lack of a good site search solution that allows for human errors such as spelling mistakes. A site search solution that doesn’t take user errors into account will return…

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Predictive search – First Step Towards A Great Site Search Experience

This is a 4 part series on how to deliver a stellar a site search experience. In this post, we will share usability guidelines on designing a predictive site search – one that anticipates user intent and intelligently guides them towards the right product. In our previous post we talked about the importance of relevancy for eCommerce site search, the 12 different query types that customers typically use to find a product, and how to address these. Let’s look at another pivotal building block for a great site search experience:…

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Visual Autocomplete – The Secret Weapon In Your Site Search Arsenal

While shopping online last week, I was looking for a red dress on various online stores and invariably relied on site search to find dresses I would like. It was during this spree that I noticed how visual autocomplete made product discovery incredibly easy and encouraged me to click and eventually convert.  So what is visual autocomplete? Visual autocomplete incorporates product thumbnails replete with images and prices within the autocomplete dropdown. It’s a brilliant way to help visitors reach the desired product directly from the search box. Visual autocomplete is…

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