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Broken Site Search? Quick ways to fix it!

Did you know that 8 out of 10 Americans shop online? About 79% of U.S. shoppers find what they want and order them via the Internet. And still, 42% of companies completely ignore the on-site search. Looking at the stats, we realize how deeply we are engaged with online shopping and how some companies still don’t prioritize fixing a broken search system.  Let’s consider the upcoming holiday season.  This is the time of the year when merchandisers, both online and offline, ready their holiday catalogs for shoppers to splurge. But…

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Product Information Management (PIM): Food for AI?

By definition, Product Information Management or PIM is a systematic approach to organize all the data an organization has or uses about their products.  Last week I discussed how organizations have the ability to make experiences better by adding discipline through enhanced use of their Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), in this article we will discuss how using the train depot of PIM can drive more effective use of product information when machine learning or artificial intelligence gets involved. At its core, PIM systems take the data an organization has about…

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Holiday Shopping 2017 Insights: What the Week Meant For eCommerce

That time of year — the one about long flights back home, Thanksgiving TV marathons, and stuffed turkey with pumpkin pie, came to a close last weekend. The online boom has added a new dimension to the holiday season as brands and shoppers wait for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales with equal gusto. In fact, research by Deloitte revealed 91% of shoppers planned to shop online during the holiday weekend. We analysed millions of customer visits — across fashion and lifestyle, beauty, and home decor — to understand the…

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Event Highlights: What’s Happening At Shop.Org 2017

The retail transformation story is a phrase we’ve heard for a while now. But, what’s really changing? The latest instalment of, the e-tail event of the year, kickstarted in Los Angeles, earlier today. This year the event — that attracts the who’s who of e-commerce — focuses on AI and machine learning, women in retail tech, consumer-first marketing, and a lot more. Quoting NRF’s Senior Vice President for Retail Strategy, Cristina Ceresoli, “Our goal is that they (conference attendees) walk away inspired and informed, taking with them practical skills…

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Is your search spellcheck costing you $3M in lost revenue?

According to a 2016 WebLinc report, over 30% of online shoppers use the search feature on e-commerce sites. The report also suggests that shoppers who used the site search showed a 216% increase in conversion rate and a 21% increase in average order value. But often, businesses are not able to convert these shoppers with high intent to purchase, owing to lack of a good site search solution that allows for human errors such as spelling mistakes. A site search solution that doesn’t take user errors into account will return…

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Throwback Thursday: When Unbxd Went to IRCE 2015, The World’s Largest eCommerce Conference

It’s that time of the year again! If you’re a part of the online retailing community, you’re probably aware that IRCE is one of the biggest events in the industry on the planet! IRCE is special event for Unbxd, because it not only provides us with the opportunity to network with some of the retail industry stalwarts from across the globe, but also gives us a chance make a valuable contribution to their companies’ revenue through technology and industry best practices. Unbxd at IRCE 2015: Same time, last year The…

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[Ebook] 5 Must-Have Site Search Enhancements for Fashion Ecommerce

A decade ago, retailers believed that people wouldn’t buy fashion products online as they want to experience the touch and feel of products before making a purchase. But ecommerce has changed the way people shop and more and more people are getting comfortable with shopping for fashion online. According to an Emarketer report, online sales of clothing and accessories will continue to grow year over year at a rate faster than even the electronics and books segment, with sales reaching $73 billion by 2016. This opened up a whole new…

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Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2014: Emerging Ecommerce Trends

Black Friday & Cyber Monday are the two biggest shopping days in the United States. With the manic shopping days just behind us, it’s now time to see how the industry grew over the course of a year and look at some of the emerging trends. As we’re now coming to see, online sales this time around have surpassed all previous records to make Cyber Monday the biggest online spending day in the US history. According to a comScore press release, “Cyber Monday Exceeded $2 Billion in Desktop Sales for…

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Customer Spotlight: Pura Vida Bracelets

At Unbxd, we’ve had the pleasure of partnering with some of the most innovative customers to offer solutions for various types of business challenges. Today, our customer spotlight highlights, an online store offering authentic hand-crafted bracelets made by artisans in Costa Rica. was founded by Griffin Thall and Paul Goodman, who started the business to inspire change by showing their team of artisans an opportunity they never knew existed. Their team is composed of young, conscience-minded individuals looking to make the world a better place. Key Challenges faced…

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[Presentation] 75 Statistics Every Online Retailer Should Know

As an ecommerce retailer you strive to be ahead of the curve and spot trends that will boost conversions. You want to provide your visitors the most efficient and superior shopping experience. To help you spot the latest trends in the ecommerce industry, I’ve put together a presentation on 75 key statistics that will help you predict the future of ecommerce. Let me know what you think of the presentation and do share!   75 Statistics Every Online Retailer Should Know from Unbxd

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