How are we Working from home at Unbxd

Bringing our best at Unbxd while WFH during COVID-19

Like many other companies of today, we at Unbxd have also been very flexible and cool about working from home (both as a policy and a must-have for all our employees). But we had never thought that WFH will become a compulsion rather than a voluntarily or situation based ask. And trust me, when I say this “We are not loving it”. The energy, the passion and the zeal we derive from seeing each other in the office, having a heart-full of conversations over lunch and snacks, the intense foosball sessions and non-stop coffee marathons – we are missing each tiny bit of it.

We never knew we are going to react to WFH like this. Well!

What has befallen all of us is just testing and tough times for us and our families. And during such stressful times, all we are doing is creating the best we can while working from home.

For us, in fact, for all of us to be productive – effective communication and collaboration is a must. Many of our teams are engaging in a quick video catchup sessions at the start of the day. It has been keeping all of us motivated and energized that we will get to see each other and get started with our day.  Nothing beats the Team Spirit, after all.

Many of the team-leads have kept their zoom live for a stipulated period of time so that anyone can walk-in and join the zoom meeting for quick catchup, storyboarding, discussion or some random discussion on #Covid-19. Yes, we have encouraged discussions/banter and we are trying our best to maintain the same atmosphere while all of us are in self-isolation at our homes. The rooster for the availability of various leads has been put up at the slack channel where everyone can access the same.

It is interesting to know that we have been forced to move out of comfort zones. Probably there has been such a wonderful camaraderie amongst the employees that many favors used to happen just by walking across the desk. But pinging each other over slack can be seen more frequently now. We are talking to more sets of people rather than just our teams. This has turned out to be a big plus for us, overall as a team.

We always kept telling each other that Unbxd is one big family but we never got to take this familial bond beyond the Unbxd family to the families back at home. But that is happening now. From listening and waving hellos at our colleagues’ kids, peek-a-boo into the lovely pets at home, and getting privy to the home-names of our friends and colleagues – we have broken the last barrier, that we had in being a part of each other’s lives.

While we have been trying to be super-positive and making the most of the situation we have been thrown into – all of us are waiting to be back at our office address, sipping water from our tagged water-bottles and craving for the tea/coffee from our favorite vendor. Maybe there is still time for it.

What keeps us motivated and encouraged is our communication channel is still established, folks are still having fun at work while WFH and the well-being of every employee and their families are not compromised (and nor is their commitment) – which says a lot about that there must be something that we are doing right at Unbxd which keeps us together as one like always!

Stay home and stay safe! More power to you and your families from the Unbxd family!

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