Best Shopify Apps to Improve Conversions

Best Shopify Apps to Improve Conversions


Shopify gives its merchants a fantastic platform to create a highly customizable online store. With over 500 apps in their massive App Store, you can find almost any app to add to your store and improve marketing, sales, user experience, delivery and more.

Yet conversions remain a persistent concern for ecommerce site owners. It’s extremely important for site owners to constantly optimize their site in order to maximize conversions. Here are the best shopify apps that you can add to your store in order to directly impact your conversions.

S Loyalty: Fan Builder 

S Loyalty lets you create a loyalty program where you reward your visitors for following you on Facebook, Twitter or email. It rewards visitors with a unique one-time coupon codes which also help you track those visitors who actually make a purchase.

Impact on Conversion Such loyalty programs are a great way to increase traffic on your site through social media and the discount offers encourage visitors to return to your site and buy. This works to improve customer engagement and improves your overall conversions. Price – $9.99-$59.99/month Trial Period – 14 Days


ShopPad optimizes your site for mobile devices (iPad, iPhone and Android) without the hassle or expense of making your site mobile friendly. It comes with easy integration and there’s no coding involved. Its a neat tool to get you started with a mobile version of your site. Impact on Conversion ShopPad helps increase conversions by letting your visitors shop on the go with an enhanced shopping experience for mobile sites. Price – Free Trial Period – None


Scope is a powerful product viewer that enables visitors to zoom-in on high resolution images to help them see the finer details of your products. It lets you take control of the look and feel of the product display with its adjust, tweak and customize features. For eg. you can adjust the size of your images to control the extent to which they can be zoomed. Best Shopify Apps to Improve ConversionsImpact on Conversion “92.6% of people feel that the visuals are the top influential factor affecting a purchase decision.” Scope allows your visitors to zoom, expand and explore products which gives them a clear idea of products they are viewing, leading to a greater shopping experience and higher conversions. Price – $49.00

Trial Period – None

Unbxd Recommendations

We recently launched a personalized product recommendations app for Shopify store owners.

Unbxd Recommendations is a useful app that helps you add personalized recommendation widgets on to your site in order to upsell and cross-sell products.

It also comes with a powerful merchandizing and reporting dashboard to help you create business rules and analyze the performance of these widgets.

Best Shopify Apps to Improve Conversions

Impact on Conversion

This app analyzes the visitor behaviour on the store and understands visitor preferences before recommending products. Basically, we show the right products to the right visitors at the right time to make sure they convert! Price – $24.00-$74.00 / month

Trial Period – 14 Days

Dynavi Video Manager

Dynavi Video Manager lets you add videos to your each of your products and displays a video thumbnail in the product images gallery. It also measures video effectiveness i.e, customers engagement with your videos.

Impact on Conversion

This app helps you add videos to your product pages and makes it easier for your visitors to shop using mobile devices, to share content with their friends, and improves the overall shopping experience and the time spent in your store.

Price – Free (special launch offer)

Trial Period – None

Product Discount

Product Discount allows you to create sales without coupon codes. You can create a sale for a collection of products or for a certain brand, for a select time period. A great feature is that it shows the original price on the site so visitors know how much of a discount they’re receiving. They’ve essentially replicated the offline sale experience online. Impact on Conversion No discount coupons are required so all customers are eligible for sales. This creates a sense of urgency and customers are more likely to convert.

 Price – $99.99

Trial Period – None

Coupon Pop

Coupon Pop offers a quick and easy way to enable relevant pop-ups on your site. You can offer coupon codes, drive traffic to your social media channels or build your email lists with this app.


Best Shopify Apps to Improve Conversions

Impact on Conversion

This app prompts your visitors to convert instantly by offering them discount coupons when they follow you on social media.

Price – Free

Trial Period – None


ReferralCandy is a great app for adding a referral program on your site. You can add customers to your referral program with their automated emails and referral pages and set rewards when a customer successfully refers someone. A great way to increase both sales and build a viral loop into your site. Impact on Conversion Referral programs not only promote return visits but also get new traffic from referred customers. Both these customer segments are highly poised to buy and convert because of specific coupon codes and awards. Price – Customized based on performance.

Trial Period – 30 Days


Olark is a live chat app that lets you reach out to your customers right while they’re browsing your site. Talk about striking when the iron is hot 🙂 It allows you to understand where your visitors are from so you can help them better and offer a more personal experience. Impact on Conversion Olark’s live chat assists customers in finding products they need and resolves their issues right when they need the most assistance. Timely help at the product selection or cart stage can drastically improve the chances of conversions and reduce cart abandonment. Price – Free-$243.00 / month

Trial Period – 14 Days

Persistent Cart

Persistent cart is a tool that works well to reduce cart abandonments. It stores a visitors shopping cart even after they exit your site. It works well for customers that prefer to ‘save’ items and buy them later and is a brilliant way to remind customers about products they’ve selected earlier, when they login again.

Impact on Conversion

This app nudges your customers to buy the products they’ve selected earlier. There is already a high likelihood of conversion but by ensuring that the customer doesn’t need to add the same products to cart once again (and facing problems with product discovery, sizes etc), you’re ensuring that they convert faster.

Price – Free

Trial Period – None

 WishList + Reminder

Wishlist + Reminder app sends an automatic email to visitors that have added items to their wish list but haven’t yet purchased. It does this by capturing their product preferences and email addresses. Impact on Conversion

Adding items to a wishlist signifies a high buy intent and sending emails to visitors to remind them of these products is a surefire way to increase sales & conversions.

Price – $5/month

Trial Period – 14 Days

Yotpo Product Reviews

Yotpo Product reviews helps you generate a ton of product reviews by allowing them to leave a review right from their inbox. It automatically generates an email and sends it to customers who’ve made a purchase asking them to review the product. It also allows you to customize how reviews and emails are displayed, to match the look and feel of your store. Impact on Conversion Product reviews are a significant deciding factor while buying a product. They offer social proof to your visitors making it easier for them to make a buying decision. Trustworthy product reviews enhance the credibility of the product and often lead to purchases. Price – Free

Trial Period – None

Product Description Tabs

The Product Description Tabs app neatly structures your product description, improving readability for your visitors. It offers brilliant themes to organize your product information, shipping information etc. which also improves your store’s user experience. Best Shopify Apps to Improve Conversions

Impact on Conversion

Your visitors, sometimes, may not be able to find all the pertinent information related to the product, which can discourage them from converting. It’s important that each product has a relevant description, neatly organized product and size information to help them quickly scan through and make a purchase. Price – $2/month

Trial Period – 5 Days

Exit Offers

Exit Offers is an interesting app which shows offers to your visitors just as they’re about to leave your site. They show enticing offers such as a product discount or free shipping that prompts your visitors to reconsider before leaving. It gives you full control to customize these offers as per your business.

Impact on Conversion

Exit Offers show lucrative discounts and offers to the visitors instantly, right when they are about to exit your site. It drastically reduces the bounce rate and triggers conversions with offers.

Price – $9.99/month

Trial Period – 14 Days


I hope this list has helped you find apps to improve your site conversions.

I’d love to hear what you think about these apps and if I’ve missed out any app that helps improve conversions, do let me know in the comments below!

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