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Site Search in eCommerce and How it All Began at Unbxd

The story of how it all began at Unbxd, in Pavan’s words.  I’ve taken a decision to begin writing at an exciting time at Unbxd. We are growing really fast and have a great opportunity to solve some of the hardest problems software can solve. And, to solve them well. Today, Unbxd has grown its product portfolio to solve product discovery — every onsite interaction that visitors engage in to find products. We power all of them — search, browse, recommend on multiple devices. Our engine determines the most relevant set of products to…

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Machine Learning Versus Automation in Site Search for eCommerce

Machine learning, AI, Deep Learning are trending buzzwords now. Especially with Site Search and Online Commerce. But, how do you tell that you need machine learning? How do you know that a particular solution has machine learning? Though the terms automation and machine learning are used interchangeably, the biggest difference between the two is that automation does not require any learning. Automation is all about using machines to automate what humans would otherwise do manually. For instance in E-commerce Site-Search, a good automation based solution will use past purchase information to…

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What is missing in your 1:1 personalization strategy?

  1:1 personalization has become a buzzword in eCommerce today. According to an Econsultancy survey, 94% of businesses believe that personalization is critical to current and future success of the organization. Experts recommend that online retailers use 1:1 personalization for all three types of on-site shopper journeys—site search, navigation and recommendations. And undoubtedly, when done right, personalization significantly reduces shopper effort, leading to improved engagement, decreased bounce rates and increased revenues. However, while 1:1 personalization is important and successful, does it work for all shoppers?   1:1 personalization works for…

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Who Are Your Most Valuable Ecommerce Customers?

Ecommerce retailers would often notice that not all their customers are created equal; some provide more revenue as compared to others. Identifying these customers is critical for any business, in order to optimize customer acquisition costs & maximize profits. At Unbxd, we’ve recently come across a startling site search trend – that nearly 50% of the 20 million daily search queries we serve come from repeat visitors. Not only are these ‘qualified leads’ for ecommerce sites but might actually convert with little or zero acquisition costs. Basically, these users are…

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Inconsistent Amazon Elastic Load Balancing (ELB)

ELB on Amazon AWS has by far been one of the most frustrating of all the services that we have used on the Amazon AWS platform for the Unbxd Search cloud. Here is what we repeatedly see with ELB – 1. Does not balance the load equally over it’s children EC2 instances. 2. Sometimes it appears to do so and we believe that over time it will achieve equal distribution in the round-robin configuration. However, it simply does not happen. 3. Time and again, we have issues with search requests not responding…

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Don’t let your eCommerce site down

The rate of change in the eCommerce world has accelerated dramatically in the last few years , spawning new business models and turning traditional marketing and merchandising upside down . It’s always interesting to see new and innovative ways that online retailers are coming up with , to generate buzz, links, and customers interaction on their ecommerce sites in an attempt to boost rankings , visitors, conversions and sales. In recent times, eCommerce over the web has transformed the way people do business. Today someone in india can order a…

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