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Unbxd Advancements in Entity Extraction

Given today’s vast amounts of data and user queries, making e-commerce search engines more efficient is an extremely challenging problem. In part 1 of this blog, I wrote about why e-commerce businesses must explore entity extraction as a way to increase the relevance of their search results. This follow-up blog goes into how e-commerce companies can put entity extraction and machine learning (ML) into practice, and some advancements that Unbxd brought to this area in the last year. What is entity extraction? Here’s a primer: consider the sentence, “Cindy bought two Levi’s…

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How to Leverage Entity Extraction to Make Your Ecommerce Search Engine More Intelligent

Online Shopping and Global ecommerce In 2017, US ecommerce revenue was $447B , or 36% of total retail revenue. That means that Americans buy at least one in every three items online. And the most common way most shoppers try to find what they’re looking for, not surprisingly, is search. Are ecommerce search engines doing the best that they can? However, even the top 50 grossing US ecommerce websites don’t do a great job supporting some common types of search queries, resulting in irrelevant products or zero results. For example, when…

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