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The importance of being Relevant

As a merchandiser, relevancy is a term that you’ll hear often.  Depending on who you ask, relevancy has many meanings. But everyone will agree that relevancy is centered around tracking and analyzing a shopper’s preferences to show them the products that they are looking for. Relevancy and Ranking have helped eCommerce stores to anticipate and prioritize a shopper’s needs to provide a seamless retail experience. Why Unbxd? When it comes to delivering personalized eCommerce, your store should be equipped to gauge the interest and patterns of a returning shopper.  As…

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7 Pillars of Site Search Uncategorized 

The 7 pillars of an effective site search solution

The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in determination.  – Usain Bolt Like star athletes, successful businesses focus on building systems that are convenient and consistent while creating value for both their customers and merchants. Today’s global eCommerce retailers can literally sell anything you can possibly need. Consumers are spoilt for choice when it comes to products and the sheer convenience of buying a product they want when they want it. However, shoppers are now evolving into discerning connoisseurs of retail convenience.  They are demanding more value for…

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7 signs of a broken Site Search

My mind sort of works like a search engine. You ask me something, and I start seeing pictures. – Temple Grandin True story! Today the internet has become the final frontier in our search for almost anything we want.  A previous post spoke about how you can measure the effectiveness of your eCommerce search engine. But how do you know what you are measuring is accurate if your search is already broken in the first place? Search engines have become powerful weapons of information. Evolving and driving our need for…

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eCommerce Search: The holy grail of internet happiness

54 million That’s the number of search queries Google will serve in the time it will take you to read this article. That’s about 88,700 searches per second worldwide. And we aren’t even considering the hits from half a dozen other search engines millions of people use.  With the sheer volume of content being created, search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing continually index tens of billions of websites every day, so that internet users like you and I can find the most relevant content when we need it. What’s…

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