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Announcing Unbxd Extension for Magento 2

To support our customers using Magento 2, we are excited to announce the availability of the Unbxd extension for Magento 2.  This extension helps you use Unbxd Site Search with your Magento 2 website. A simple interface will help you configure the extension and provides other useful options.  Unbxd extension for Magento 2  works with Magento 2.2 and 2.3 

What can you do with the Unbxd Extension?

1. Fast installation: The setup for integration with Unbxd Site Search is ready in seconds. It can be installed using: – Composer – Magento Marketplace 2. Automatic Catalog Sync: Each product addition or deletion is sent to Unbxd servers automatically based on the schedule set up by you, to keep the data at Unbxd servers up-to-date.  3. High-Speed Indexing: Using the Unbxd extension for Magento 2, your website data is pushed to our servers, and the objects go through an indexing process that transforms them into searchable data. Instead of sending all data to the production index, a copy will be created and swapped with the production index only when ready. This helps the Unbxd Extension for Magento 2 index millions of products in a few minutes and then upload your catalog to Unbxd in a few seconds. 4. Logging System: Index Quick View and Feed Quick View help you to look at the items which are added to the indexing queue before the cron job or when manual sync is done.  For example, if a product is added or deleted, or if a product attribute is changed, a trigger is created to record it in the indexing queue. Similarly, all catalog syncs and logs are shown in Feed Quick View. 5. Secure and Reliable: Every time a product is added to the Magento catalog, the Unbxd Extension for Magento 2 creates an index for the product so that when the catalog sync is triggered, all the products in the queue are uploaded to Unbxd’s servers. This process of maintaining an indexing queue at the Magento server not only makes the feed upload faster but also secure and reliable, assuring no data loss. 6. Analytics Integration: The Unbxd Extension for Magento 2 automatically tracks user analytics and behavior that is essential in order to provide accurate and user-specific search results. The extension analyzes every user event and tracks product clicks, products added to cart, and orders. With this information, a user profile is built for every user based on his/her affinity to a certain category, brand, or price.

This information is then used to power relevant search results and in-depth reporting.

For more information, please refer to the Unbxd Extension for Magento 2 documentation.

How does the Unbxd Extension for Magento 2 work?

How to get started

You need to have an Unbxd account before you can use the Unbxd extension for Magento 2. You can install the Unbxd extension via Composer or download it from the Magento marketplace

To set up the Unbxd Site Search dashboard, refer to the Unbxd dashboard documentation A typical onboarding process includes: – Site Creation – Product Feed Upload – Analytics Integration You can, however, choose to skip the Product Feed Upload and Analytics Integration, as the Unbxd extension for Magento 2 takes care of these steps.

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