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4 Brilliant Ways to Use Your Top Sellers That Will Help You Increase Sales


Showcasing your top sellers is a highly effective technique to capture more sales. Your top sellers have “social proof” – the powerful psychological influence that encourages people to do something because other people are doing it.

Your top sellers are saying “Not only is this something that has already been purchased, it has been purchased frequently, and by different people”.

Giving your customers and potential customers a list of your top sellers is extremely powerful.

 Top seller lists influence us all the time:

Books, for instance. The book publishing industry is notorious for their bestsellers list (Eg.: The New York Times Bestsellers, Wall Street Journal Bestselling Books, National Bestsellers, to name a few). Authors covet making it on one of these lists because sales skyrocket after they’ve been declared.

Amazon does a great job of this too. They have a list of their top sellers in literally every product category. If you want to know which style of bathroom glass tile is the top seller on Amazon you can easily find that out (it’s Caribbean Blue Iridescent if you’re curious).

Shopbop.com, an online fashion boutique, curates all of their top sellers into “The Hit List: Our Current Top Sellers”.

Definitely take a play from the playbook of the above examples and start crafting a strategy to market your top sellers. Word of caution though, Ecommerce Director of Mexx Canada suggests before you start making lists of your top products ask yourself “Why is this my top seller?” If that style only sold when it was on sale, drop it. “You want top sellers that are there at regular price” (See: An expert weighs in: 3 things everyone should be doing for Christmas promotion)

Here are 4 brilliant ways to showcase your top sellers:

[1] On-site recommendations

If you haven’t already installed the Unbxd Recommendations app do it now and use their tool to easily identify which products are your top sellers.

For new visitors show them your top sellers. This is a smart way to help them discover your best stuff along with learning more about them.

If someone is searching for a particular item it’s not the best idea to show complementary products, rather showing them the top sellers in that category will ease their shopping experience plus help you convert more leads.

[2] Blog about it

Well.ca, a popular ecommerce site for busy moms wrote a popular “Baby Shower Gift Guide” and mentioned which products tend to be top sellers for new moms. You can do the same for milestones more commonly celebrated with your target audience (ex. Graduation). Of course, gift-giving holidays – such as Christmas – are a prime opportunity to write gift guides that feature your top-sellers.

[3] Press

Harpers Bazaar reached out to Luxury Ecommerce websites and wrote a short piece on the top 5 selling items of each store.

What a great idea. Target appropriate press in your area and pitch them a story about your top sellers. If you don’t sell luxury goods than of course, Harpers Bazaar is not your press target. Let’s say you sell gourmet organic snacks, food publications are more your scene.

[4] A simple curated list

Create a single page on your ecommerce site or a catalog with all your best sellers. Use this as your spotlight in your larger marketing campaign. Email it out to your past customers or your email list.

At Now In Store we recently launched a feature that allows you to create Best Seller Catalogs with the touch of a button.


Experiment by using and featuring your top sellers in creative ways. Your top sellers have a great deal of sway over your consumers because they have already been vetted – use this to your advantage.

What do you think of these four points regarding tops sellers? How do you use top sellers in your store? Let me know in the comments below.

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