3 Compelling Ways to Capture Your Customers' Attention on Your Shopify Store

3 Compelling Ways to Capture Your Customers’ Attention on Your Shopify Store


Your store needs a makeover. There is probably something you could be dedicating your time to make your Shopify shop  incrementally more captivating.

But you know what? Forget about the incremental. I want you to save your time and focus on the 20%; the smallest changes that have the highest impact. This post is exclusively to help improve the appeal of your store and further capture your current customer’s attention. The following suggestions don’t directly help improve sales and traffic, so don’t read this piece with that in mind. Here are 3 things you should focus on:

Incredible Photography

If your photography is sub-par or even already pretty dazzlingly updated photography is the by far the best way to improve the look of your shop and further capture attention. If you have the budget you should overhaul all images with current photography. You can update product images in a number of ways, improve lighting, use more interesting backgrounds, add 5-7 photos per product, and use models. This by no means is an exhaustive list, and if you want to learn more about product photography see: The Power of compelling Photos a Comprehensive Guide on Excellent Product Photography. And if you don’t have the budget, no worries, use fresh photography methods for all new products that you add to your shop and/or go and simply update the photography of your best sellers.

A Story

Another great way to capture the attention of your users is to tie in a story to your brand. Instantly pull the customer in with a story. This can be a personal story, your business story, or a fun fiction story (this works great with children’s related products – just don’t pretend the fiction story is real!).

For example: Sandy worked day and night at her desk job when she realized that office lunches need a special flair. Most lunch kits on the market are made for school-age children. She went home and started creating Sandy’s Lunch Kits – a special lunch box made with grown-ups in mind. Sandy’s Lunch Kits are available exclusively online and some specialty shop’s around the country.

You can insert a clipped version of this story right front and center on your home page.

 Here are a few great online shops with excellent stories:





 Social Proof

Another great way to capture your customer’s attention is by adding forms of social proof on your website. What’s social proof? Effectively, it’s something or someone that can vouch for you.

You’ve probably seen the following on someone’s shop: “As seen on” “Who we work with” “In the press”…these are all forms of social proof.

3 Compelling Ways to Capture Your Customers' Attention on Your Shopify Store

If you don’t have any press and if you haven’t had any note-worthy clients don’t you worry! An equivalently powerful form of social proof is “the testimonial”. Email your best customers and all your recent customers to give you a testimonial that you can use on your shop, ask them for a picture (even better if they’re showing off your product). Offer them a discount in exchange for their testimonial. Hey guess what? Family and friends are fair game for testimonials if you’re just starting out.

This is a guest post by Divya Pahwa of Now In Store. Check out the Now In Store blog (https://www.nowinstore.com/blog/for other great articles. 

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