2 Simple Ways To Enhance Product Discovery On your Ecommerce Site

2 Simple Ways To Enhance Product Discovery On your Ecommerce Site


I recently came across an interesting post by Hiroshi Mikitani, CEO of Rakuten Inc. where he wrote: “In our vision of e-commerce, shopping is not a utilitarian function, but instead, a process of discovery.”

Unhindered product discovery allows shoppers to view more products which then leads to greater conversions. The key word here is unhindered.

The question is, how do you help visitors discover more products on your online store when you have a huge collection of products.

A very obvious answer is site search. While site search does help you show relevant products to your visitors, it is incapable of showing products your visitors didn’t ask for but may like.  

In this post, I’m going to look at two simple ways to enhance product discovery on eCommerce sites.

1. Landing Pages

Curated landing pages help visitors narrow down and look at a specific set of products at one time, say, new arrivals. In fact, I recently wrote a post on how merchandizers can create curated landing pages per visitor segment to target visitors even more accurately.

For instance, many sites create themed landing pages based on various occasions, something which Macy’s has done for Christmas dresses. As many women shop specifically for Christmas dresses, this landing page will help them find extremely relevant products quickly, without having to navigate through multiple categories and refine their results over and over again.

2 Simple Ways To Enhance Product Discovery On your Ecommerce Site

Quick Tip: For a landing page to work well, it’s important to curate it with the right products. For instance, create curated landing pages with your best performing products to engage customers and drive conversions.

2. Personalized Product Recommendations

As you introduce more products to your inventory, product visibility becomes a concern for merchandizers. They’d like to show more products but also understand the delicate balance they have to strike between helping visitors discover products and bombarding them with choices.

Product recommendations can solve this problem by suggesting products to visitors while they are on their purchase journey. Personalized product recommendations show similar or complementary products to visitors tailored to their likes and dislikes.

In a study by Internet Retailer, “54% of respondents reported higher average order values by employing automated and manual recommendation tools that suggest products to shoppers.”

Merchandizers use upsell & cross-sell recommendations at key points in the customer journey i.e. the homepage, category pages, product page and the checkout page to show similar as well as complementary products to visitors.

The icing on the cake though, are personalized recommendations – Personalized recommendations are tied to each visitors behavior, purchase history, real-time activity and more such signals. Personalized recommendations alone can account for almost 30% of revenues for an online retailer.

According to a report, Personalization techniques have delivered far more relevant web experiences & increased conversion rates by 70%. 


In my next post, I’ll write about content-based recommendations and personalized recommendations, how different merchandizers use these two product recommendations for greater product discovery and which one is better for greater conversions. Stay tuned!

What tactics do you use to enhance product discovery on your online store? Do comment below.

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