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Leading eCommerce businesses around the world use Unbxd Search

Customer Logos
Customer Logos

Quick Plug & Play Integration

Integrate your BigCommerce Store with Unbxd in Just 3 Simple Steps

  • Install Plugin & Synchronise your Catalog
    Unbxd plugin for BigCommerce store automatically synchronises your catalog and keeps the search index updated to the latest information
  • Replace BigCommerce Search with Unbxd
    Enable Unbxd Search on your store by adding Unbxd search elements in your Theme settings.
  • Integrate User Events data
    Unbxd Search constantly learns from the shoppers’ interaction with the website and improves the search experience.

Audit Shopper experience

Evaluate your current on-site search experience and get a free audit report with suggested improvements

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Audit Shopper Experience

Search that understands your shoppers

Powerful Search Features Out of the box

AI Generated Synonyms

Allow shoppers to find the products using their own vocabulary. A synonym corpus of 1Mn+ terms provides an instant improvement for product discovery

Adapt Search according to shopper behaviour

Unbxd search algorithms keep learning from the user events information to promote the right products for each search query

Versatile Autosuggest Experience

Shorten the product discovery journey of your shoppers by guiding them with a feature rich autosuggest experience.

AI Synonyms

Visual Merchandising

Ideate, test, and measure merchandising strategies

Run Merchandising Campaigns

Implement and adjust business rules driving product discovery on your site within minutes using powerful Visual workbench

Customize Experience of category pages

Customize the discovery experience for category pages by selecting the right facets & banners for each category page

Live Preview

Have a look at the real-time preview to check the user-experience before publishing a campaign.

Schedule Campaigns

Create merchandising campaigns that start and end at a pre-defined schedule.

Run Merchandising Campaigns

Reports & Insights

Understand what your shoppers are looking for

Search Report

Get insights about overall search performance, top search queries, zero result queries, top products

Autosuggest Report

Track the performance of query suggestions and identify the engagement level for each Autosuggest algorithm

Product Report

Get insights into trending, popular and fast-moving products and highlight these in your shopper’s journey

Search Report
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