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Webinar: The Future of Mobile Product Discovery

Product discovery on mobile is challenging. With no established practices and a changing landscape, how do you ensure you offer your customers a simple and intuitive discovery experience?

In this webinar, you'll learn about usability guidelines, best practices and Deborah Lippmannā€™s approach to experience-driven commerce on mobile.

You will Learn:

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    Mobile is not equal to Desktop Rehashing desktop experiences on mobile doesn't work. Learn top usability guidelines and recent innovations to offer seamless product discovery experience on mobile.
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    Deborah Lippmann's Mobile Approach How Deborah Lippmann improved their product discovery and increased conversions on their mobile site by 40%.
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    29 Mobile Discovery Usability Guidelines Actionable insights with tons of examples to demonstrate what the top retailers are doing exceptionally well (and what they're doing wrong)!
magento customer

Monal Patel

SVP & CBO at Unbxd

As an accomplished senior technology executive, Monal has 12+ years of experience developing & executing comprehensive IT strategies and bringing competitive value to businesses.

magento customer

"A truly informative and worthwhile webinar on an extremely timely topic for businesses today. Loved the visual examples and the Deborah Lippmann's case study was very enlightening. Hope to see more webinars from Unbxd. Cheers!"

Mary Nemetz

CEO at