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Rajesh Lingappa, CTO
We wanted a search solution for our Mobile App and a product discovery engine on our web site which can give accurate search results.Unbxd was the perfect solution and we immediately saw a marked increase in conversions
Avinash Parthi, GM-Operations Excellence
Unbxd's search solution has been working wonderfully for us. We've seen a sharp rise in product views and conversions and our customers are searching more than ever. Great product and responsive team!
Shivanandan Pare
Shivanadan Pare, Head - Ecommerce (Madura Fashion and Lifestyle)
The Unbxd platform is an intelligent tool that takes visitor preference into account. Definitely helped us increase order values and reduce bounce rates. Great team to interact with as well
Charles Fitzgerald
Charles Fitzgerald
Highly recommend this app. It is extremely easy to install and the customer service is immediate and very responsive. It is very clear that the app is a hugely positive contributor not only to the look and feel of the site but very importantly to conversions too. Strongly recommended!
Bharat Sethi
Bharat Sethi
This product recommendations app is amazing.We've seen a direct impact on our page views, time people spend on site and cart size. Our shoppers are happily spending more because they easily find what they want. Also, the support has been fast and seamless.