The Easiest Way to Get Customer Feedback

What do your customers really think about your site?

The first step to designing a customer-friendly shopping experience is to know what your customers think. In this in-depth report, we tell you exactly what your customers (25 focus group participants) think about the product discovery experience on your site.

Focused on the Shopping Experience

This report is focused on the shopping experience at every stage of the customer journey, from discovery to checkout. You’ll receive usability reviews as customers find products, compare & select them and ultimately checkout.

Real Customer Feedback

This isn’t another ‘guide’ or ‘best practice’. We’re talking to real people to get you real, unadulterated feedback. We conduct usability tests with 25 focus group participants, view their entire customer journey and let you know what you’re doing right and where customers are getting stuck.

Expert Suggestions to Improve

Along with tons of invaluable feedback, we’ll also give you key suggestions to improve your shopping experience. How do we know what works? We’ve worked with over 200 retailers to improve their discovery experience and helped them increase conversions by up to 40%!