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Throwback Thursday: When Unbxd Went to IRCE 2015, The World’s Largest eCommerce Conference

It’s that time of the year again! If you’re a part of the online retailing community, you’re probably aware that IRCE is one of the biggest events in the industry on the planet! IRCE is special event for Unbxd, because it not only provides us with the opportunity to network with some of the retail industry stalwarts from across the globe, but also gives us a chance make a valuable contribution to their companies’ revenue through technology and industry best practices. Unbxd at IRCE 2015: Same time, last year The…

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Predictive search – First Step Towards A Great Site Search Experience

This is a 4 part series on how to deliver a stellar a site search experience. In this post, we will share usability guidelines on designing a predictive site search – one that anticipates user intent and intelligently guides them towards the right product. In our previous post we talked about the importance of relevancy for eCommerce site search, the 12 different query types that customers typically use to find a product, and how to address these. Let’s look at another pivotal building block for a great site search experience:…

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The Curious Case of the 12 Types of Ecommerce Site Search Queries

This is a 4 part series on how to deliver a stellar a site search experience. In this post we will take you through the different types of search queries customers use on eCommerce sites, and some of the prerequisites to build an intelligent site search that is capable of solving these query types. Site Search is an integral part of the product discovery experience on ecommerce sites and customers have now come to expect an accurate & user-friendly experience while shopping online. For customers, search is an easy and…

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Our Experience at eTailing India Expo 2014, Mumbai

Last week, some of us from Unbxd attended and exhibited at India’s largest ecommerce event – eTailing India Expo at Mumbai. The event turned out to be a great platform for learning, knowledge sharing and network building with delegates from small and large retail, ecommerce and technology companies attending. Fantastic Lineup of Sessions at eTailing India eTailing India saw more than 500 enthusiastic participants as well as over 40 exhibitors from the technology and the ecommerce domain. The event started off with a keynote session by Bijou Kurien, President &…

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Etailing India Expo Mumbai 2014 Events 

Etailing India Expo Mumbai ’14 – What to look forward to!

India’s largest ecommerce event, Etailing India Expo, is just two days away, and we’re pretty excited to be there. This edition of the event is being held at The Lalit, in Mumbai and is poised to get some of the biggest names of the ecommerce industry together for three days of brilliant sessions, knowledge-sharing and networking. Etailing India is long since known for organizing successful events and there’s a lot to look forward to this time as well. Here’s a lowdown on some of the activities and sessions we’re most excited…

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Ecommerce Navigation Navigation 

9 Excellent Examples of Ecommerce Navigation Techniques

An Ecommerce site’s navigation is one of the key components that contribute to it’s bottom-line. Navigation, if well done, can make a large contribution not only to a visitor’s shopping experience but also to the site’s conversions. To get it right though, is a herculean task. Some of the biggest online retailers still make some crucial mistakes while designing their navigation (that’s the subject for another post 🙂 ). There are dozens of techniques and best practices to improve navigation and new techniques are constantly being tried and tested. In…

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