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Not just a “Dashboard” anymore!

That’s right, the good ol’ “dashboard” won’t be called the same anymore, at least not with all the new features version 2 comes with. With beta version rolling out, the new intuitive interface offers advanced controls over the former “dashboard”, giving you full-control of the service. See the full list of features here.

A formidable amount of expertise on various e-commerce verticals and thorough research on visitor shopping patterns helped us encapsulate some really useful features into a single controller that merchandisers, analysts, and even developers can use.

Getting Right with Aesthetics!

We know it can get annoying when you can’t find what you are looking for on any interface. Hence, we’ve kept the design simple so that you can navigate around easily. A persistent menu bar shows all the essential settings at hand’s reach. Watch the video to get started with the console.

We do have a Dashboard!

A dashboard section enables users on the fly to glance through the important site performance information, quickly and conveniently. Watch the video to get a knack of the dashboard.

Manage Everything Under One Roof!

The console lets you manage your catalog, account keys, APIs, users, etc. Managing user accessibility lets you collaborate with your team members on the console. Configure sites section lets you view and copy important keys, upload catalog and view field mapping.  In the  configure search section, you can add facets and set relevancy.

Watch what you can do in the “Manage” section.

Multiple-user Accessibility

The console lets you invite your team members and assign them different user roles according to their accessibility privileges. For example, an “Analyst” can only view the “Site Configurations” settings made by the “merchandiser” whereas a “Developer” can make changes to it.

This capability to grant access to more than one user differentiates the “Console” from the “Dashboard”.

Comprehensive Reports

For your convenience, we have separated the “Search” and “Typeahead” reports into different tabs. Both sections have a straightforward layout and lets you drill-down to the site, query, or product information in just few clicks. Watch the below video to learn the how to view your reports.

Advanced Merchandising

We have built the console from ground up keeping merchandisers in mind, that is why we stress on its advanced merchandising capabilities which allows you to create campaigns that runs on a defined interval on a query, category, or site-level.

Watch and learn how to merchandise from the these videos.

Hope you have fun unboxing the new “Console”. You can view the console user guide here. For any concerns, feel free to get in touch with our team.


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