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What 2 Billion eCommerce Interactions Reveal About Mobile Product Discovery

61% of the 2.4 billion smartphone users on the planet reach for their mobile phones within five minutes of waking up.  Our latest report on mobile product discovery — based on 2 billion eCommerce interactions on our platform — revealed some interesting insights on how technology has impacted shopper purchasing behaviour on mobile. Here’s our take on what the data showed us. Fashion Already Winning on Mobile In early 2016, uber-luxury brand Burberry announced that more than half their eCommerce purchases happened on mobile. In fact, over the last five…

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Are You Ready for the Shoppers this Holiday Season?

How relevant is Black Friday in a world where great deals come by almost all year round, drones deliver purchases at your doorstep, and social media is the primary medium influencing purchase decisions? That’s a loaded question to answer when you’re on the verge of yet another holiday shopping season. A recent survey by Accenture revealed majority of consumers in the US plan to do their holiday shopping online. Cyber Monday has officially overtaken Black Friday as the most anticipated holiday sales day in the US. We bring you the…

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A Definitive Guide to Ecommerce Search UX

Part 1: The Essential Components of a Great Site Search Experience “Lead them to what they seek.” Shoppers interact with your site in three ways: They search, browse, or use onsite recommendations.   Of the above three paths, shoppers who use site search are highly intent driven, meaning they know what they are looking for. They also have the highest potential for conversion. Many shoppers start their search for products on Google and then navigate to an ecommerce site. But this behavior is beginning to change. Shoppers are increasingly using…

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What is missing in your 1:1 personalization strategy?

  1:1 personalization has become a buzzword in eCommerce today. According to an Econsultancy survey, 94% of businesses believe that personalization is critical to current and future success of the organization. Experts recommend that online retailers use 1:1 personalization for all three types of on-site shopper journeys—site search, navigation and recommendations. And undoubtedly, when done right, personalization significantly reduces shopper effort, leading to improved engagement, decreased bounce rates and increased revenues. However, while 1:1 personalization is important and successful, does it work for all shoppers?   1:1 personalization works for…

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Who Are Your Most Valuable Ecommerce Customers?

Ecommerce retailers would often notice that not all their customers are created equal; some provide more revenue as compared to others. Identifying these customers is critical for any business, in order to optimize customer acquisition costs & maximize profits. At Unbxd, we’ve recently come across a startling site search trend – that nearly 50% of the 20 million daily search queries we serve come from repeat visitors. Not only are these ‘qualified leads’ for ecommerce sites but might actually convert with little or zero acquisition costs. Basically, these users are…

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Is Shopify Related Products Enough for Your Ecommerce Site?

As a Shopify store owner, you may be using Shopify’s related products solution to show product recommendations to your visitors. Having seen a lot of clients converting over from Shopify’s related products to our Recommendations app, we’ve seen a few common complaints about how Shopify’s related products isn’t enough to maximize conversions and offer a superior, professional experience to online shoppers. In this post, I’m going to dig into how Shopify shows recommendations, why that may not be enough for your site, and how you can improve your product recommendations…

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Indian Ecommerce Sites Cash in on Holi

This year India celebrated Holi, the Hindu festival of colours that marks the advent of spring, on the 17th of March. This season, to enrich the experience of the festival, various online stores customized their websites and rolled out marketing campaigns with Holi specials, discounts and specific campaigns. In this post, I’ve profiled some of ingenious ways in which ecommerce companies adopted the spirit of Holi and enticed festival shoppers to buy more. Exciting Offers & Discounts! Online retailers offer discounts on products during the festival season to appeal to…

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Weekend E-Commerce Reading: Assortment Planning, Groupon Selling Goods, Dynamic Pricing

From going live with the website, getting ready with the private beta to gearing up for the next set of targets, a fun week for Unbxd. Heres what you should not miss about e-commerce this week. HBR Blogs: Which Products Should You Stock? Assortment planning is another one of those areas which could use all the help it can get from big data. Which products to stock, which to sell together, these are the questions your planning tools must be able to answer for you. Why Online Retailers’ New Pricing Strategy…

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How many search pages do your visitors navigate?

Once visitors see search results, there are five things they can do: Click on a product of interest, if they find one on the first page. Close the browser or move to a different site. Click on another part of the same website to look for something else. Refine their search keywords and try again. Move to the next page of the search results to continue looking for their product of interest, if they did not find it on the first page. In this post, we’ll consider the last item…

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