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Unbxd Advancements in Entity Extraction

Given today’s vast amounts of data and user queries, making e-commerce search engines more efficient is an extremely challenging problem. In part 1 of this blog, I wrote about why e-commerce businesses must explore entity extraction as a way to increase the relevance of their search results. This follow-up blog goes into how e-commerce companies can put entity extraction and machine learning (ML) into practice, and some advancements that Unbxd brought to this area in the last year. What is entity extraction? Here’s a primer: consider the sentence, “Cindy bought two Levi’s…

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Unbxd launches Ranking Insights for Search and Browse

Online merchandising tools can help make life easier for merchandisers and marketers. They simplify boost and bury campaigns creation, enable pinning and slotting, and display product ranking for search queries and pages. However, the data behind why products rank the way they do hasn’t been readily available — until now. We’re excited to announce the availability of this data in Ranking Insights. What is Ranking Insights? Ranking Insights is an enhancement to the merchandising functionality of Unbxd Search and Unbxd Browse. Ranking Insights provides data behind the product ranking for…

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We Won the Retail & eCommerce Award at Amazon AI Conclave!

2017 ended with some great news. We at Unbxd, recently took part in the Amazon AI Conclave. And we won! For the uninitiated, Amazon AI Conclave is a two-day event conducted by Amazon to showcase the increasing importance of AI among emerging startups. The event focuses on knowledge sharing and culminates with an award function to recognise pathbreaking innovations in AI. B2B and B2C companies offering AI-based solutions that leverage any of Amazon’s AWS services were open to apply for the awards. We made it to the shortlist in our…

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