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5 Keys to Unlock the Best Site Search Experience for B2B Buyers

“They’re [B2B buyers] often the people given lists from other departments and employees about what they need, and it’s their job to place the order,” – Harley Thomas, senior director of corporate and digital marketing at ibSupply. B2B ecommerce is rapidly moving towards “consumerization.” B2B buyers are increasingly using Amazon and Google in their personal capacity, and this heavily influences their expectations when they visit B2B sites for official procurement. B2B ecommerce retailers must adapt their user experience to meet these changing buyer expectations. To achieve this, B2B e-tailers could…

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Is your search autocorrect costing you $3M in lost revenue? (Part 1)

According to a 2016 WebLinc report, over 30% of online shoppers use the search feature on e-commerce sites. The report also suggests that shoppers who used the site search showed a 216% increase in conversion rate and a 21% increase in average order value. But often, businesses are not able to convert these shoppers with high intent to purchase, owing to lack of a good site search solution that allows for human errors such as spelling mistakes. A site search solution that doesn’t take user errors into account will return…

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Not just a “Dashboard” anymore!

That’s right, the good ol’ “dashboard” won’t be called the same anymore, at least not with all the new features version 2 comes with. With beta version rolling out, the new intuitive interface offers advanced controls over the former “dashboard”, giving you full-control of the service. See the full list of features here. A formidable amount of expertise on various e-commerce verticals and thorough research on visitor shopping patterns helped us encapsulate some really useful features into a single controller that merchandisers, analysts, and even developers can use. Getting Right…

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[Presentation] 75 Statistics Every Online Retailer Should Know

As an ecommerce retailer you strive to be ahead of the curve and spot trends that will boost conversions. You want to provide your visitors the most efficient and superior shopping experience. To help you spot the latest trends in the ecommerce industry, I’ve put together a presentation on 75 key statistics that will help you predict the future of ecommerce. Let me know what you think of the presentation and do share!   75 Statistics Every Online Retailer Should Know from Unbxd

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Notes from the MongoDB Conference, Bangalore 2012

Authors: Udit, Mohan, Abhimanyu Unbxd team attended the MongoDB conference in Bangalore on Friday. We were so excited afterwards that we wanted to write it up and let the world know how much fun we had. Here are some of the things that got us excited. Geo-Spatial Data MongoDB supports storage of lat/long values. Plus, it offers querying support using these values. Provides expressions such as: $near– near a given lat long values $within — within a region, given a specific lat long values. Region can also be selected e.g…

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Working with huMONGOus data

Imagine tracking and analyzing data for a million hits a day on average. Storage processing gets compounded when you have to consider past week, and even past month’s trend. In this post I will highlight factors that led us to choose MongoDB as our data store. For analytics in Unbxd Search, we track various metrics from browser. From collected data, we infer popular products, top sales, etc. This gives us insight to the customer behavior on e-commerce site. The whole process is carried out in 3 steps, namely: Data collection…

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How Unbxd uses Route 53 to provide search API’s to your site search

Before we started using Amazon’s Route 53 service, for every new sign up we had to manually go create a sub domain for each customer to provide search API’s. This required a longer sign up and integration cycle as we had to go to our cPanel and manually add a sub domain name for each client. With Amazon Route 53, for every sign up for Unbxd Search, we automatically create a sub-domain and automatically should be APIs are published for the user. Using Route 53 removed the manual intervention required for…

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Humanising Search – The Natural Language Way

Information extraction has graduated from Data Retrieval where the data is simply extracted from a database, based on user query, to Text Retrieval which forms the fundamental basis of modern day web search in which results are returned in form of text from a heterogeneous database to finally Information Retrieval (IR) in which, instead of blindly returning data from the database, an IR application returns meaningful information much more relevant to the user’s query based on IR algorithms as search engines like Google do. Today we are in the era…

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Inconsistent Amazon Elastic Load Balancing (ELB)

ELB on Amazon AWS has by far been one of the most frustrating of all the services that we have used on the Amazon AWS platform for the Unbxd Search cloud. Here is what we repeatedly see with ELB – 1. Does not balance the load equally over it’s children EC2 instances. 2. Sometimes it appears to do so and we believe that over time it will achieve equal distribution in the round-robin configuration. However, it simply does not happen. 3. Time and again, we have issues with search requests not responding…

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