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8 Poor Navigation Techniques That Can Kill Your Ecommerce Site

Site navigation is an essential element for great product discovery and an easy browsing experience. A simple navigation structure can significantly enhance a visitor’s on site  experience. Getting navigation right though, is a tough challenge. In this post, I’ve highlighted some examples of poor navigational practices and analysed why these particular elements don’t work. These navigation practices should be avoided or improved upon in order to get your site’s navigation right and ensure maximum customer satisfaction on your site. 1. Menu Structure  Etsy, a popular ecommerce website, has a horizontal menu…

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11 Brilliant Ways to Generate More Conversions For Your Ecommerce Site

Ecommerce is increasing at an aggressive pace and many entrepreneurs who are in this niche are looking at ways to innovate in order to generate more conversions. The customer experience is paramount to ensure successful ecommerce performance and of course, conversions. As an online store, there are several things that you can do to improve your conversions and increase profits. In this post I’ve discussed 11 essential areas you need to concentrate on, to ensure a better customer shopping experience and guarantee higher conversions. Site Search On-Site Search is a…

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10 Essential Ways to Maximize Site Search Results

With such a large selection of products available on numerous ecommerce websites, the primary concern for many of these sites is product discovery. A visitor must be able to find the right product quickly and make a purchase effortlessly. To this end, the Search box is a powerful site feature critical to the shopper’s experience. A clear and well-positioned search box greatly improves findability/navigability and can dramatically increase overall conversions. “Mahmood Ahmad of FindWise, a site-search consulting firm, estimated that the number of visitors using site search was really about…

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9 Excellent Examples of Ecommerce Navigation Techniques

An Ecommerce site’s navigation is one of the key components that contribute to it’s bottom-line. Navigation, if well done, can make a large contribution not only to a visitor’s shopping experience but also to the site’s conversions. To get it right though, is a herculean task. Some of the biggest online retailers still make some crucial mistakes while designing their navigation (that’s the subject for another post 🙂 ). There are dozens of techniques and best practices to improve navigation and new techniques are constantly being tried and tested. In…

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How do your visitors discover products?

  You know where your visitors are coming from, that’s the easy part. Once they are on your e-commerce site, do you know what they’re doing there? or how they go about finding products? That’s the hard part. Knowing how visitors discover your products is important. It determines where on your website you will run your promotions and marketing. It helps you focus on those top 2-3 stores and categories which bring in 80% or your revenue. In web analytics-speak, these are called product finding methods or product discovery methods….

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Time-on-Site: Understanding the sweet spot for conversions

I’ve written before about time-on-site but in that post we focused on how site search in particular and generally revenue is influenced by time-on-site. This post will focus more on the metric itself rather than external factors that influence it. Time-on-site-after-search is the duration of time a visitor is on the site after seeing the search results page. It is normally distributed like the curve in the chart below. If the search results are of poor quality, then the time spent on site will be very short. For eg., in the above…

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